Hon. George Hernandez (Ret.)


Mediator  •  Arbitrator

  • Wage and hour class action against a national bank. This case actually consists of 3 cases. Class numbers 28,643 persons, who were employed by the bank as personal bankers. Case involves both state and federal claims.

  • Wage and hour class action case involving workers who staff various events (as usher, ticket taker, parking attendant, etc.). There are 3,699 class members, consisting of non-exempt employees of defendants. Plaintiffs primarily alleged that they did not receive meal and rest breaks, and that they weren't paid for all hours worked because they had to show up for work as much as an hour before they were paid to punch in.

  • Wage and hour class action involving truck drivers. Class has 389 members, consisting of all defendant's non-exempt drivers in California. The drivers claimed that they were not given rest or meal breaks and worked through meal periods without compensation.

  • Handled wage and hour class action case with 233 class members against defendant marketing company. Court granted preliminary approval of class action settlement.